The new normal

The new normal

Six weeks into lockdown, at least three more weeks ahead of us, and social distance here for the foreseeable future, the strange, surreal world that we are living and working in is oddly becoming the new normal. The digital world is coming in to its own. Parliament meeting via Zoom, virtual church services, school lessons online, meeting friends and family through House Party, even planning committees and council meetings happening via video conference.

In the daily shadow of yet more tragic news around rising deaths, it can seem difficult to look beyond the current pandemic and focus on more positive days to come. However, one area I think we can be excited about is how the current challenges might drive positive change in our world. We are all having to innovate in what we do. At Quatro we are responding with our own innovations, not just for the immediate crisis, but with a longer-term view. Our approach is how we maximise engagement and communications for the new normal time, in the post-Coronavirus world.

Of course, our immediate focus is to help our clients continue to progress projects to be able to still effectively engage with communities, councillors and other stakeholders.

Our WeGage digital platform drives this, providing engaging, highly accessible online engagement platforms that reaches out to the audiences we need meet, showcases projects in the best possible way and delivers robust consultation results. Feature include animated content, expert vox pops, polling, questionnaires, and heat mapping to track respondents.

We have also looked at how you can effectively replicate and improve public face-to-face meetings in community and village halls using digital tools. Quatro’s solution - The Virtual Village Hall. We can host and broadcast highly engaging public consultation events, supported by dynamic digital content, targeted at our key audiences - residents, businesses, interest groups and councillors.

Both WeGage and The Virtual Village Hall have been designed with back end solutions to enable the generation of detailed and robust Statements of Community Consultation to support planning applications. Both platforms also lend themselves to be highly effective resources for generating support during the post submission phase.

We are also reinventing the exhibition board for the digital world. Our Consultation Alive resource allow us to generate truly engaging online material to ensure audiences can access and understand your projects on both mobile and desktop platforms.

To underpin these resources, our digital team can deliver an integrated social media campaign to ensure there is maximum awareness for your project.

Like everyone in our industry and beyond, we are striving to do our bit to help the country get through this crisis, but we are also looking to the world beyond lockdown and applying our digital resources to help our clients succeed in the world of the new normal.

If you would like to know more about our digital offering, please get in touch.

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